Pledge Against LiveJournal Drama

Version 2

I pledge to...

1) never create special “friend” groups in order to filter out journal entries from you. I will not rant against you behind your back, in public, without giving you any kind of opportunity to respond. So, rest assured: what you see here, everybody can see, and nothing was ever hidden from you, and never will be.

2) never post anything negative as “friends only.” This is really just a variation of the above, as it allows me, at any time, to filter you out. If I have a complaint against you, I will find you and tell it to your face, or not say it at all. So, again, rest assured: if you are not on my friends list for some reason, there is nothing bad here that is hidden from you. I pledge to use “friends only” strictly as a way to protect the anonymity of friends, never to talk about you behind your back.

3) avoid “coded” journal entries. This is just a low, sneaky way to filter you out. I won’t use “special language” to say bad things about you, so rest assured: there is no need for you to read “between the lines” looking for something nasty.

4) avoid posting something that might hurt you, even if I think that you don’t read my journal. So, if you just found my journal, rest assured: there is no need to search through the archives looking for some nasty comment I made about you, because I wouldn’t do such a thing.

5) do my best to avoid negative personal entries in general! If I have beef with you, I will deal with you, and you alone. If it’s impossible for me to talk to you in any way, I will vent to a friend, in person, by email, or even (gasp!) by writing a letter. If I have nobody who would understand, I will take out my pen-and-paper diary and write it there. So, rest assured: you do not have to obsessively check my journal looking for something bad about you. You are welcome, though, to keep reading it looking for something good.

To join the fight against unnecessary drama, simple copy and paste this into your LiveJournal profile:

<a href="http:/emblemparade.net/miscellaneous/pledge-against-livejournal-drama/">I pledge to fight LiveJournal drama</a>.