99% Java

This site is dedicated to JNI (Java Native Interface) extensions to Java.

These extensions enable certain features for your Java software which cannot be made "standard Java" because they are platform-specific. They will run only on the specific platform they are implemented for (for example: only for Windows or only for MacOS). On other platforms, these features should either supply an alternative solution, or just not do anything if there is nothing appropriate.

Make no mistake, I strongly support 100% Java, and encourage you not to make your software dependant on these platform-specific features, but to treat them as "added benefit" features that make your software competitive on that platform. Users have grown to expect certain features on their platform, and may be disappointed if these features are not available. This has been an obstacle for deploying commercial Java applications from the start.

Please contribute! The more we have, the more other people will be encouraged to add. Contact me (tliron at uchicago dot edu) to add your own JNI feature.

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