VR Adventures

This site best viewed on a Pentium 8 with 16 gb of RAM, a 50" monitor, and a 3 gb graphics card supporting at least OpenGL 5.1
Anything less will result in mediocre graphics... or worse!

This site is probably not very suitable for kids, so if you are under 18, GO AWAY! Or get permission. Or whatever the hell you need to do so I won't get my ass sued. There might some bad language, simulated nudity, or references to sex before marriage.

People often ask me what tools I use to create the stunning 3D effects enhancing the complex storylines. I'm not going to tell you. But I am available for commissioned work. You're also very welcome to speculate. Or lie and pretend you have "inside information" to impress your loser friends.

People also ask me what inspires me. (Whoa, this is totally turning into a FAQ!) I usually avoid answering, again, but eventually break down and admit that I wouldn't be in this cut-throat business were it not for FRIEND BEAR! and POKEY THE PENGUIN!!. These works of genius are ahead of their time. Whatever the fuck that means.

All characters depicted are fictional, except the ones accurately based on real-life people. But seriously, if you are offended, stop being offended. This is parody, satire, and all of that good stuff that Makes This Democracy Great.

New episodes appear sporadically, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check this site everyday!

Episode 4: OIL!
Episode 3: G/F Apeals to Emotion
Episode 2: The Snowman's Tale (For Eksmas)
Episode 1: A Real Life Adventure