The Most Important Yoga Pose

Originally published on LiveJournal, 2.4.09

The most important yoga pose, and the one you should practice and master before all others is: sleep.

Research has shown how important getting regular, good sleep is for the immune system, for the brain functions, for athletic performance and for graceful aging. It’s one of the prime ingredients in good bodily and mental health.

It can furthermore be very yogic. The very act of putting aside troubles and worries, and devoting sacred time for sleep trains you for the perfect yogic mindset: compassion for the body, dedication to its progress, faith in its ability, confidence in its potential, and patience that all will come in due time.

For this to work, you need the right attitude. Treat sleep not as an escape from life, but as an active ingredient in it; not as a necessary task to finish up quickly, but as a reward for your diligence in tackling necessities; not as dead time, but as life time.

Sleep well, and you’ll see your yoga practice become stronger and more confident. Guaranteed.